One day, I started using the Kindle my parents bought for me. Reluctantly.

Some time later still I realised that, instead of just buying every book I wanted until I had a virtual stack I’d never have time to read, I could download a sample for free. That also meant I could check to see if books I didn’t know I wanted were any good or not, and maybe keep the good samples like a books to buy list. Suddenly I loved my Kindle.

But there are so many books out there… and who has time to weed through every one?

I Have The Time.

But not for the whole thing.

I’m looking for gems, but I’ll only read what is in the sample: no more, no less. Then I’ll ruthlessly review. I’ll try whatever catches my eye, but I’m open to suggestions.

If it’s so good I buy it, I’ll say so. If it’s so bad I wish I hadn’t started, well…

Be glad I did, so you won’t have to.